Firearm Repair & Restoration Services

American Gun Resurrection

Note: prices do not include tax. We currently accept cash or check only.

DuraCoat® Finishing:

Have your firearm treated with the best rust protection around in any color or pattern you desire. Prices are by layers, be it different colors, clear coats or additives. First layer: $100.00, 2nd layer $60.00, 3rd layer $50.00. All other layers $40.00 each. These prices are for full-sized rifles.

Example: a rifle with a two tone finish and clear coat is three layers, totaling $210.00.

For just a handgun slide or just hand guards and grips on a rifle, the price is $50.00 for first layer, $30.00 for second layer, $25.00 for third layer.
Special coatings such as chameleon, pearl coat, metallic coat, etc. have special fees.