Bluing Services and Options

Another option for bluing is a spray on option by using duracoat. This product is a very tough enamel that has several options for replicating various blues. The shotgun in this picture has been treated with a satin, blue/black durablue. Fees for this service are 100.00

Firearm Repair & Restoration Services

American Gun Resurrection

In the near future I will be offering a more traditional factory finish blue using a hot bluing method. Stay tuned for updates on this service.

There are many different ways to blue a firearm and I currently offer a couple different options. The first option is a cold blue that offers good rust protection and scratch resistance. This is best used as a touch up but can be used to blue a whole gun as seen here in this photo.  Cold bluing is not capable of producing a super deep dark rich color, but it does provide adequate protection from rust. This coating typically lasts 3-4 years and average price of a cold blue service is 65-75 dollars.