I currently offer several different types of AR15 specific services.

Annual Service

In the Army we have a service that is performed each year on every single rifle. It is recommended that to keep your rifle in top shape, you should have it served each year as well. This service includes the following:

Detailed Strip and cleaning

Verification of proper headspace

Inspection for barrel wear and erosion of rifling

Proper firing pin protrusion

Gauging of fit between upper and lower receiver

This procedure is accomplished with top of the line inspection and gauging equipment ensuring that your rifle stays within Milspec requirements. The standard fee for this service is 50.00 dollars.

coming soon

Performance tune up packages

Squeeze some extra accuracy out of that budget AR without breaking the bank with these packages designed specifically to help out those who have a lower end rifle, but want that high end performance.

Stage One:True the upper receiver to the barrel for a better and more accurate fit using a calibrated lapping tool and compound. 50.00

Stage Two:Upgrade trigger by installing lighter trigger springs,and polishing the trigger/ sear group . Price will fluctuate with parts but should be less than 100.00 unless otherwise specified.

Stage Three:Removal of play between upper and lower receiver. Many low budget or home build AR15's have a very sloppy fit between the upper and lower receivers, this treatment is aimed at creating a tighter fitting rifle. 75.00

Other popular Services offered include installation of custom parts such as free floating barrel tubes, custom stocks, barrel swaps, partial or complete builds, and custom coatings and finishes.

Need work done on your AR15? Look no further. Let me put my years of experience of working on M16s for the Army, towards giving you a flawless AR15.

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